Linda – This Year


Linda, this year’s been easier in some ways, but in others, I’ve been thinking of you throughout, when different things would happen. I knew you’d have been there to support me, and it would have helped a lot. I wish I had had you there to talk to, even just about nothing.

Well, I guess we both have some freedom. You have the ultimate…the freedom from this world. I may just have the freedom to live again. I’ll have to put that to use for a few years.
I miss your observations, I miss your smile. I miss your humor. I wonder who else saw so much of the humor, as I did. You were safety to me, and you had those strong, protective ways about family. You didn’t have kids, but we saw hints of those maternal instincts, even though.
I miss being able to tease you and laugh about your having your own family. Now, that would have been something. I can hear your regret if any had had your hair with the tight, beautiful dark waves, and your celebration if they didn’t. I missed all of that. We all did.
I miss you.