2016: Here’s To Hope, Peace and Understanding

This year already feels like one to savor.  I was slightly sorry to see 11:00 a.m. arrive so quickly this morning.  I reminded myself that this was just the first of three hundred sixty-five 11:00 a.m.’s this time around.  I am comfortable with that, and am comfortable in this year already.

I think 2016, for me, will be a year of healing pain from previous years, and for creative accomplishments.  It won’t be perfect…none are…but I smell the aroma of fresh-brewed “everyday and Sunday” possibilities.  It’ll be the temporal parallel to a steaming cup of Earl Grey on a cool day.

Going into last year, I fought moving ahead with every mental and emotional tool I had.  I understood clearly the cause, yet there was absolutely no way to change what had happened.  Death is permanent, and that’s about all you can say.

When you lose someone, especially someone who has been close to you for many years, it freezes your heart for a while.  Although my events are unlike her tragedy, I fully understand Miss Havisham.  In the beginning, my clock did stand still.

“Sorting” in every sense of the word takes time, and lots of it.  Thankfully, now, I am through a lot of the mental and emotional sorting.  There are still tangent attachments to consider, but slowly, the fate of these items, too, will be decided.

It has been a long while since the start of a year felt this right.  The last day of last year was positive and inspiring.  I have worked hard to put my heart on paper, and I have made progress.  I still have a long way to go, but I am enjoying the stages that create a better me.

Twitter’s “140” have taught me what words in a thought are important.  My heart has begun to teach me what important words should go to which important people.  The greater lesson my heart has taught me is that the important people are the ones doing the right thing, making the world safer and better, and those helping other people.  In these good souls, fame and importance can, but need never, meet.

There is opportunity in this year.  I feel that from this, the very first day!   This new year is for me, and I pray for you, a year of hope.  I pray, also, that it brings us all peace and understanding.  Happy 2016!