I Do Not Understand Attacks on Police Officers

Every time I hear about another attack on one or more Officers, I listen in horror and disbelief.  These generic attacks on Police Officers are exactly what various groups of people are complaining that the police and others are doing to them.  So how can proliferating the very acts they declare wrong help anything or anyone?  Broad-brushed revenge on Officers does not solve problems or further causes.  The perpe”traitors” are only adding to their own criminal stats, and making America worse.  We need “better”.

I am not blindly on the side of every Officer.  I know there is misconduct of a few individuals in the Law Enforcement community.  I also know that the majority of Officers are good, hard-working men and women who, as we have seen, especially lately, are fully prepared to put their lives on the line for any of us.  Did you hear about the two NYPD Officers who, when a ticking device that looked like a bomb was thrown into their car, drove it to a less populated area to keep as many people safe as possible, fully expecting to die in the process?  Such bravery and willingness to sacrifice for the safety of others is part of the lives of our Officers.

How can you not admire that?  How can you not support these people?  More directly, how can you do any of them harm?  One Officer had glass put in his lunch.  The incident sent him to the hospital.  Another was refused service by a Taco Bell employee who was subsequently fired.  Refusal of service at restaurants has been much too common an occurrence in the last few years.

Have you ever thought how many times these Officers have to leave in the middle of a meal to go to an emergency call?  One officer locally, years ago left his breakfast, his final meal, for a call, and he and another Officer from another department, were murdered while stopping a vehicle with a fleeing suspect in it.  Who knows how many lives they saved while giving up their own.  We will never know because they completed the task, and brought the vehicle to a stop.  It was heading right into the city.

Law Enforcement Officers are all part of our community.  They are our relatives, friends, and neighbors.  Their kids go to school with ours.  We work with their spouses.  Get to know them, and let them get to know you.  We are all supposed to be here to help each other out.

A few days ago, in the morning, in the dark, one of our Officers was parked in a parking lot in my community.  There was a strange noise in a rental car I was driving.  My first thought was, “I need help with this.”  I pulled in beside the Officer’s vehicle.  When I asked if I could ask a stupid question, he responded “There are no stupid questions”, and proceeded to help me.  It was much easier to concentrate on the possible problem with the car, not having to worry about safety issues.  Someone’s being there and caring made the difference.  It’s as much the little encounters, not just the dramatic, lifesaving events you see on the news, that give the feeling of confidence in our Police Force.

I can’t go anywhere, any time of day or night locally without Law Enforcement being there at some point…thankfully.  I see blue lights flashing as they make a u-turn and pull up behind a stranded motorist.  I have once or twice been that stranded motorist, and was grateful for the help.  When serious incidents occur in the area, they take care of those, too.

Our local PD’s are made up of many caring individuals, real people on the job, doing all they can to solve problems.  I know it is not like this everywhere, but given a chance, with some work at communicating, all situations can improve.  It takes commitment all the way around.  Still, it can happen.  I would like to see every child feel free to run up to good Officers, knowing they are safe and protected.  That begins with mutual understanding and valuing each other.

By showing our support for our Law Enforcement Officers, we let them know, and put evil on notice, that our LEO’s, even though they can handle things alone, are not alone, that in any given crowd, good citizens are there as additional voices for what is right.  The good people are still the majority in this country.  We need to act to keep it that way.  Let’s give our Peace Officers some real peace of their own, so they can do their work with confidence.  They will keep working with or without it, but remember, they are already there for us, as we see on the news all the time.  We just need to bring that majority of good citizens and that majority of good Officers together to take back our world.