#PTSDchat, PTSDchat.org and Twitter

I just wanted to post to let everyone know about various locations where you can find my writing.  I hope something I say somewhere will be just what someone else needs to hear.  At this time, I am basically writing poetry and Op Ed pieces.


The PTSDchat takes place on Twitter every Wednesday night at 8 U.S. Central time.  Just search #PTSDchat to follow all the tweets in the chat.  When you post a tweet, include #PTSDchat so all can see your contribution to the discussion.

We have people from around the world participating.  There are various hosts week-to-week.  You will find serious discussions, a lot of answers, and almost always some humor to go with it.  Check it out as a watcher, join as yourself, or create an additional generic, private account on Twitter just for the chat.  If you need more information, just let us know!

The chat officially lasts an hour, with the discussion usually continuing afterward.  Come and go as you need to, and tailor the experience to your needs.  We’re not hard to get along with!  Feel free to read the posts and to join in the discussions!


The #PTSDchat is part of the PTSDchat.org site.  On the site, there are news feeds, a forum, blogs from various authors  (of which I am one), poetry, art, and a lot more.  The site keeps discussions and information flowing all through the week.  Check it out and join us!


Twitter has been, for me, a wonderful place for discussions and for meeting like-minded people.  Our topics include…almost everything!  I am grateful for the beauty, the fun and for the continued learning experiences.


These locations are very interactive for those who would like to participate.  They also have a lot of information, without the need for participation.  All are welcome, and there is a place for everyone.  If you have questions, just ask!


I can be found @TruthPathing on Twitter.  I am listed in the ptsdchat.org blog as Sue Wood.