A Dream Dissected: Leopards



I had a dream last night where a leopard pair had 3 cubs. The old white muzzled father had a cub in his mouth, as he was walking around, essentially avoiding me. He was wary. I kept from walking in his direction or looking in his eyes. This went on for a while, and that was essentially the dream.

What I found interesting was the dissection of the dream.  I had seen a picture of a leopard online in the last day or two, hence my subconscious’ choice of the animal.  I have been following the birth and growing of a litter of Staffordshire Bull Terrier pups online for the last several weeks, hence the cubs. 

Lately, I have been noticing more and more white on the face of my Border Collie, which would explain the white on the male’s face.  Yesterday I was watching video of people with wolves, and remarking that wolves are wild animals.  The thought obviously made an impression on me.  

Wild (pun intended) how the subconscious works…and how long it takes, sometimes, to build a dream, and not all of fact…