A Plea for Kindness


Sometimes we have to make an extra effort to set the world, and it’s people, up for success, even when they fight us all the way.  Sound familiar? We’ve all been at that crossroads. 

So how do we handle such a situation?  We have to realize that we have, at some time, been that other person who is causing us trouble, in some way, and think about how we were treated, and how it felt. A long memory will serve us well here.

Were we “looked down on” and had our words cut off as if we were lesser, or nothing at all, or were we shown respect, in spite of ourselves, even though we had not earned it?  It’s not always our actions, but those of someone wiser and kinder that save us.  If we open our eyes and look more honestly and objectively at a situation handled well, we may come to realize how the authority figure earned his or her position.  

We may see discerning instead of blatant use of power, leading us to be gently taught instead of being forced to submit to rules.  Discernment and discretion take much more effort on the part of the one in charge.  They also take a special character of the heart.

Everyone deserves a chance to straighten out negative viewpoints. The person may have been confused, frightened or had a belief presented in a skewed way by someone.  Sometimes an honest, patient discussion makes a difference. Sometimes the time spent in doing so means as much.  

We can’t save everyone, but it is only after trying repeatedly that we know whom we can and whom we can’t.  And even then, the door of hope need never be closed.  Please reserve judgement, even if you “know how this pattern (usually) goes”.  

I am not doubting your instincts or your experience, but rather, asking you to give a situation, and God, Himself, a chance.  Let Him get into the middle of things this time, not just for safety, but for guidance in your being able to create more Peace than ever seemed possible.  God is the ultimate authority.

Pray for, and about how best to handle, each encounter.  They are all unique.  This is the next level of wisdom, and you are so capable of achieving it.  

It is, in a way, unfair to ask all this of you, and definitely a greater burden on you than others carry.  But when God gives you a deeper heart, and a greater understanding, as He has, and also gives you the experiences where others have given you the benefit of the doubt and greater kindness than maybe you deserved, at times, He is taking the time to show you the best and worst of how things feel…of how situations can improve, and how you can create those improvements.  You were born for higher expectations.  

Did you notice that you seem to be placed repeatedly in certain similar settings? God allows these same scenarios to keep coming toward you. You have to pass the test to move on to the next level. 

You can obtain and maintain balance for others, when they cannot even see the potential existence of it.  You need to show them so they can understand and believe.  Show them what kindness beyond the necessary or customary looks like.  It may be the first time they have ever experienced, or have ever even seen it. 

I bring this up, not because you “can’t do anything right”, as it may seem to appear during such observations, but because you do almost everything right.  Your potential is unlimited, and I choose to point things out because I know you will consider them, and use what you find to better the world.  Please do the same for me.  You have a gift, and by your choosing to use it well, are, yourself, a gift to the world.  

This is your work, and your call.  Risking your safety is never a part of this request. Risking your heart is.  No one can presume to decide for you what to do when you are the one in the middle of an event.  Please stay safe, but please, also, take the heart risks that lead others to healing.  You are one of the few who can…